I am a wife, and mom to 2 adorable boys, living in Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m a serial organizer & podcast listener and I love nerding out over the latest tech.

I am also one of the top leaders in our company, and the founder of Team Diamonds; a team of Avon Reps, Justine Consultants & leaders based in Southern Africa.

With growing a large team of successful direct sellers, I’ve learned a few things about where people get stuck, and how to get them out of it again.

My job is to empower you, the direct seller, to reach your personal income goals, with practical training you can implement in your business along the way.


Our name “Team Diamonds” was chosen by the team, and represents our strength, resilience and brilliance.

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how did I get here

I’m not good at selling!

That was my response to the friend who first introduced me to the business side of things.

There was just no way that an introvert like me was ever going to be successful with selling stuff. Well, that was the silly idea I told myself.

The thing is, I never planned on being in direct sales.  But I tried the products, fell in love, and told everyone what the “secret” to my “glowing skin” was, pointing it out in the brochure.

She quickly pointed out that I was already “selling” the products without trying to sell a thing, when I gave her the resulting orders from colleagues.

That was my light bulb moment right there.

So with my new-found enlightenment, I gave this direct selling thing a go.

I went on to make a really meaningful side-hustle income, and win some awesome incentive prizes offered by the company. Proof that the “not-so-good-with-selling” me from before was wrong.

But my story is not one of just sunshine and rainbows.

I also made SO many mistakes along the way. If learning was a tree, I would have fallen out of it a few times and hit every branch on the way down.  And I crashed so hard that I thought of quitting more times than I’d like to admit.

Luckily though, my resolve wouldn’t let me quit.  (Hubby likes to throw around the word stubborn. lol)

So I pivoted in my business where I needed to, many times.   I learned and implemented as much as I could, and tweaked and refined wherever possible.

And it worked!


It’s been over a decade since I first started, and this journey has been hard work, but so incredibly rewarding.

I’ve won and experienced so many incredible things, including family weekend holidays, an all-expenses-paid trip to the USA, and being added to the Avon Justine top leaders list!

I’ve also been featured in training videos and interviewed on live radio. (My nerves were a wreck!)

And while all of those accolades are great, what keeps me going after all this time is the impact I have on other people’s lives. Helping others to make a difference to their household income gives me such a buzz. The fact that someone else is crushing her goals because of my help, that gives me the warm and fuzzies.


Ready to say hello to your own beauty business?

I’d love to help you reach your own personal income goals. Join the team and let’s get you started.

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